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Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his balls will never be the same after enduring the rough play that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn cute even when it's contorted in pain and even as the long hard cock of Leo's slides up into him!He's one rough and tough looking British lad, but Leo Foxx is no stranger to being used and abused by the other boys. He might not like being on the receiving end of the punishment, but he can sure take some of the hardest and hottest punishment with the rest of them. If you can't take it, don't give it!Some boys are awesome when it comes to edging another boy to a hot load, and Mylo Jordan is one of those hotties who knows how to treat a hard cock and make it throb with the need to unload, whether he's the one taking the punishment or giving it out to another horny submissive boy in a kinky session!

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